2014 Ebola Outbreak in West Africa

That’s not sure yet but got all symptoms, building is on lock down right now :

Fever may have infected a person in the German capital. A 30 year old woman is suspected of having contracted the virus, while police cordoned off a building.

A placing agency in Berlin was isolated after a suspected Ebola infection. For now, people who were on the second floor of the building does not have the right to leave the building. According to the newspaper “Morgenpost” , a 30 year old woman could have contracted the disease. The thirty suffered discomfort and had been taken over by an ambulance, says his side “Bild” . A spokesman for the Berlin fire brigade said the patient had symptoms such as high fever and nausea. The woman and four rescue workers were rushed to Virchow Clinic of the University Hospital Charité Berlin. The suspected Ebola infection has to date not yet been confirmed by an official source.


Not much news yet, paramedics raised epidemic alarm after examining her:

Berlin (dpa) – Since the Ebola epidemic in West Africa vigilance is also great in Europe.A Berlin Job Center called paramedics to a woman who comes from Africa and had a high fever.Several contact persons were brought to a hospital.

http://web.de/magazine/gesundheit/krankheiten/ebola/19225408-ebola-verdacht-berlin.html#.hero.Ebola-Verdacht in Berlin.544.317

Ebola alarm in Berlin

Woman collapsed from West Africa ++ you had contact with Ebola-infected, according to fire department shows the typical disease signs


In this article they claim she told she hat contact with an ebola infected person.

http://www.bz-berlin.de/berlin/pankow/ebola-verdacht-in-berliner-jobcenter (German)

8 people she had contact with are now also hospitalized


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